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Tips on getting the best available price for hotels

16 August 2016

The hotel industry in Ireland has witnessed sharp price increases over the last few years. In particular, according to some industry analysists, Dublin hotels have witnessed rises of up to 50% in the last two years alone. With hints of an increase in the VAT rate in the next budget, these price increases look to remain for the foreseeable future. Negotiating a discounted rate is difficult, given the occupancy rates in Dublin at the moment are at an industry high of over 90%. However, there are ways you can save on your next hotel stay, and we offer a number of tips below to reduce the burden on your pocket.

1. Book Direct to Save

One of the best tips in an effort to receive the best price possible for any hotel in Dublin is to book your accommodation directly with the hotel. Over the last few years, websites such as “Trivago” and “Hotels Combined” have successfully marketed themselves as a portal for travellers to find the best price possible for any hotel. The problem with these sites (at least currently) is often they do not feature the price available on the individual hotel’s website and include only the prices available on third party OTA (Online Travel Agent) sites such as, Expedia etc. Given these websites charge a commission per booking (varying from 15-25%), it is natural for hotels to charge a higher price on these websites.

Hotels Combined    Trivago

Therefore, booking directly with the hotel of your choice (either by telephone, email or through their official website) should result in a saving.

Extra Tip: Look up the price of your chosen hotel on and immediately contact the hotel by telephone and ask for a price 10% less. The hotel will save vs you making the reservation on (as charges a commission fee of at least 15%) and you save also.

2. Take Advantage of Special Offers

Often, hotels offer packaged deals to create better value for their guests. This could be a multi-night stay package, deals including breakfast or dinner, or the increasingly popular “Pre-Pay and Save”. The latter has become more prevalent within the hotel industry, as hotels search for new ways to reduce their cancelation rate (which can be up to 40% for some hotels) and ensure guaranteed bookings. Once again, these deals are often only available when booking directly, so visit your chosen hotel’s website to find out more.


3. Special rates for Events

Attending an event at the hotel or within the locality? Often, hotels will offer attendees of such events a special discounted rate. Here at The Lucan Spa Hotel, all wedding reception guests wishing to stay overnight at the hotel will receive a special accommodation rate when the event is quoted when booking directly. Often, however, we find wedding guests booking their accommodation via third party sites or without mentioning the event when booking, resulting in a price of up to double what they could have paid.

 Wedding Accommodation Rates

4. Book in Advance

While not always possible, booking in advance will often result in a cheaper room rate. Not only may you be able to avail of a discount for booking outside a certain window, you may also receive a rate prior to any rate increases. Hotels often follow a tiered accommodation system, increasing rates depending on the occupancy levels for each day. Booking early ensures booking when occupancy levels are low and possibly maximises your chance of the lowest rate possible. Booking in advance also locks in your rate before any price hikes. For example, hotels are notorious for increasing rates for key concert and sporting events. However, if you book your accommodation as soon as such shows are announced, you more than likely will guarantee a lower rate (getting your accommodation booked before the hotel can increase its prices).

5. Apply for Corporate Rate Status

Staying in hotels on a regular basis due to work commitments? Why not negotiate with your chosen hotel and ask to be placed on their corporate preference rate. Most hotels in Dublin will offer a lower corporate rate for regular guests. The hotel has an incentive to increase its regular clientele, as for a number of reasons (not described here) a regular guest costs a hotel less than a “first time guest”. Corporate rates are often the lowest rate possible at the hotel, and it certainly pays (or saves!) to receive the corporate rate. To apply for a corporate rate at The Lucan Spa Hotel, click here

corporate rates

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