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Top Tips for Rain on your Wedding Day

10 November 2015

One of the last things a Bride and Groom want to think of is rain on their wedding day. It’s every Bride’s worst nightmare, and no matter how many Child of Prague statues are put out or candles lit, it is always a strong possibility here in Ireland. However, the truth is that the more you prepare for this situation, the happier you will be if it does happen. Below are a few tips to weather the storm and ensure grey skies don’t take away from a fantastic day.

Prepare for Plan B
Sounds simple, but always make sure you plan for the possibility of rain. If you are having a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, speak to your wedding coordinator on alternative indoor options and make sure these will be a suitable Plan B to fit in with your ideas and themes. Have a chat with your photographer (see below) to go through options and possible areas at your wedding venue for indoor photos. Here at the hotel, we will always have a Plan B when you are booking our outdoor woodland weddings and we will thoroughly go through all options with you to ensure a fanstic day.

Accessorise for the rain
Always carry an emergency umbrella. While we all picture a pretty white umbrella, make sure to run this by your photographer as white can get lost in overcast skies in your photos. A LED light up umbrella is a fantastic option, particularly for night-time photos.

Wellies might not sound the most elegant of footwear, but colour themed rain boots go a long way to adding personality for bridal party photos.

Interview your photographer
It is very important to ask the relevant questions to your photographer to ensure he/she knows what to do if it rains on your day. Many venues have gorgeous spots indoors for photos, while there are several techniques a photographer can use to enhance the rain/wet weather in your photos. One popular technique to do is to backlight raindrops where it looks like hundreds of sparkles or getting creative with the reflective effects of puddles.

Be flexible with time
This being Ireland, 5 minutes can be a very long time in terms of the weather. The rain can slow down without notice and you can use this time to take your outdoor photos. Check what you’re your photographer is booked until and maybe plan for extra time with photos as a result of the rain. Another idea for the ladies is to check with your hair and makeup artist to see if they are able to come later on before the reception to do a touch up.

Embrace the Rain
Finally, smile!! You can’t help the rain, but you can make sure you are looking your best with a smile. Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, so enjoy the day and smile like its 30 degrees.

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