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Wedding Tip #18: Wedding Ceremony Music

31 October 2017

Music is such an important ingredient of any wedding day and can help influence the emotion and personality of the big day. While minds will wander immediately to your choice of song for your first dance, another important decision on your day with regards music is the selections made for your ceremonial music. And whilst picking a song for your first dance may seem relatively easy, choosing your ceremony music may require more thought. While each wedding ceremony will have at least two pieces of music, it is not uncommon for the service to contain up to 6 or 7 songs throughout. In this piece, we give a little advice on song selection, as well as listing the most popular songs for wedding ceremonies here at The Lucan Spa Hotel during 2017.
wedding ceremony music lucan spa hotel
Before we start, it is important to note that music is such a personal choice and it is important to choose songs that reflect your own personality and tastes. While tradition was key once upon a time, wedding ceremonies now allow such freedom and choice and this includes music. The songs you choose will be the lasting soundtrack to the beautiful memoires created and it is important you to choose songs suiting your own personal taste and reflections.

Prelude (Pre-Ceremony Music)

Becoming increasingly popular, selecting a few songs to be played as your guests arrive to your wedding ceremony venue can assist with setting the mood right from the start. Choosing soft, warm songs can set a beautiful ambiance, while up tempo tunes can help bring the party atmosphere to the fore from the start.

Processional (Entrance Song)

Long gone are the days of “Here Comes the Bride”. Your choice of processional music can be one song for the wedding party and the entering bride/groom, or a collection of individual songs for each. This is a very intimate part of your wedding ceremony; the unveiling of the main guest of honour. As a result, the wedding ceremony processional music tends to include softer and more romantic pieces.

Most Popular 2017: A Thousand Years by Christina Perry, How Long Will I Love You by Elle Goulding and Marry Me by Train

Wedding Ceremony Entrance

Ceremony Music

A number of music pieces can be chosen at key points throughout your wedding ceremony. The most popular stages for music include after/in-between readings, lighting of ceremonial candles and of course, signing of the register. Often, couples choose acoustic and/or instrumental music for these stages due to the time constraints, allowing for the music to suit the short time allotted for it (for example, lighting the candles is a relatively quick procedure).

Something up-tempo and lively can be ideal for signing of the register. This is a joyous occasion, making the ceremony official and a bubbly song can help encourage the jubilations. Also, another tip to consider is your guests. People’s attention spans are short, and they have (hopefully!) been well behaved up onto this point. A lively song during official signing and photos will help relax your guests and avoid an awkward quietness during this stage.

Most Popular 2017: Nervous by Gavin James, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and Beautiful in White by Shane Filan.

Recessional (Exit Song)

Again, your exit from the ceremony venue requires an upbeat, faster temp song. It’s a song chosen perfect for a celebration, and brings the ceremony to a close with a party-like atmosphere. Your exit song is arguably the one song with no limitations, and we have witnessed songs from Metallica to Queen over the years.

Popular: Happy by Pharrell Williams, Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder and Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen.

Wedding Ceremony Exit Lucan Spa Hotel

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