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Wedding Tip #19: Perks to having a winter wedding

29 November 2017

Winter is our favourite time of the year for weddings. While often considered “off-peak”, a winter wedding has many distinct advantages and can allow your wedding naturally stand out. Here we list seven great reasons why winter weddings rock!

More Guests Will Be Available

One of the first tasks you may complete when planning your wedding day is drafting a quick invitation list to determine your guest numbers. Deciding on a summer wedding leaves you competing with everyone’s summer holliers, or even worse, the dreaded clash with the cousin’s wedding! Choosing a winter wedding avoids this needless stress and maximises the attendance of all your friends and family.

Wedding Invitation Decline

Availability of suppliers

With winter weddings less in-demand than their summer counterparts, the chances of your preferred wedding band being available for your chosen date increase significantly. And don’t get me started with the hassle avoided of arranging mutual availability for your church and wedding venue.

Potential Bargains

Carrying on from availability, a winter wedding may offer the chance for you to snap up a bargain with your wedding venue and suppliers. While packages may have set fees/prices, one tip may be to haggle for extra services or supplementary products to be discounted or included within the same price. If you’re a budget conscious couple, this is certainly a viable option for winter weddings.

Creative Photography

Many people choose a summer wedding to maximise day light for photos. However, some of best wedding photography we’ve seen are from winter weddings. Picture romantic shots while the sun is setting, while dusk and night-time photos are becoming increasingly popular here in Ireland having been mainstream in the US for a few years now.

Dusk and Night Time Wedding Photography

Longer Nights

Personally, one of our pet hates for summer weddings is the entertainment starting while it’s still bright outside. Sure, you can drape your venue or draw curtains, but it just doesn’t have the same feel. Winter weddings remove this fear and ensure the party starts as soon as the band/DJ does.

Get Cozy

Okay, admit it! Every one of us can picture the scene of warm fires, hot drinks and ample candlelight as you are greeted on arrival to your venue. Winter weddings also allow for creative attire, be it luxurious shawls, cute mittens or even ditching the heels in favour of comfy boots under your dress.

Winter Wedding Boots

Potential Honeymoon Options

Similar to points on availability and bargains, choosing a winter wedding allows for greater choice and pricing on your honeymoon. Potential threats of hurricane season are avoided (typically May – Sept in places like the Caribbean). And let’s face it, we all get a little satisfaction of posting that perfect beach photo on your Instagram while all your friends and family are “enjoying” Ireland’s wintery weather.

Honeymoon Beach

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