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Wedding Tip #20: Tips to inviting Children to your Wedding

22 February 2018

Inviting children to a wedding can be one of the most divisive topics among engaged couples. The impending presence of screaming kids can cause fear and panic for even the most relaxed of people, while others delight in the knowledge of little friends and family being able to share and enjoy the day.

If you are deciding on the latter (or maybe feel forced into the decision!!), make sure you have careful plans in place. For while your six year old nephew looks so cute in his miniature wedding suit and no doubt receive many swoons of approval, this little angel can turn like the Irish weather and threaten a storm of biblical proportions. Thankfully, here at The Lucan Spa Hotel, we have a few tips to cast out the potential devils and make sure the little ones enjoy the day as much as the grown ups :-)

Show a little attention

We all know kids love to be the centre of attention. So make sure to involve them throughout the day. Take photos with them before the wedding ceremony, make sure to tell them how cute they look all dressed up and spend the time with them to show how special they are. Better yet, why not make sure to have a special gift ready for them before your ceremony?

Involving children throughout the day is also a great way of keeping their interest levels up and making them feel special. Assigning the role of Paige boys/flower girls is an obvious role and this important task can be allocated to your own children or nephews/nieces. For other little attendees, why not ask them to be mini-ushers or hand out ceremony programmes? Or better yet, pick up a few disposable cameras and delegate the role of “official photographers” for the day.

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Children Sign Bearer Wedding

Kid’s pre-reception treats

After a long wedding ceremony, children may start to lose interest or become bored. Indeed, many adults feel the time between the ceremony and dinner can be a bit long-winded, so it’s only understandable that the little pint-sized guests will start to become a little restless during this stage. Thankfully, there’s lots of pre-reception treats you can lay out for the little ones, such as colourful juices/mocktails, cookies and milk or even little fruit packs.

Childrens Catering Ideas Wedding

Activity Bags

Hugely popular nowadays, the children’s activity pack is the number one solution to keeping the little ones busy during the wedding reception meal. These can be as creative as can be, with special paper or gift bags with each child’s name printed to add that extra touch. Activity bags can be filled with anything; colouring books, crayons, treats, bubbles, toys, mini puzzles and lots more.

Childrens Wedding Activity Packs

Play area or games

Many couples over the years have arranged a separate play area for their little guests to keep them occupied. This can be arranged in a separate room (such as a small meeting room), which allows for the option of hiring a Children’s entertainer or Wedding Nanny or Babysitting service such as Funtastic Childcare Events or Elisa Babysitting. Nothing in the budget? Don’t worry, a TV and DVD of a few children’s movies might just do the trick also! One tip is to ensure the separate kid’s area isn’t too far away from the wedding banqueting suite to allow parents to check on their little ones now and again.

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Children’s Table – Yes or No?

One question couples often ask is should attending children be seated with their parents for the meal or allocated to one “kid’s table”? If the children attending your wedding are quite young, it may be advisable to seat them with their parents or a guardian. In most cases, this would be preferred by parents themselves. If children are a little older, or if you have an assigned babysitter for the day, a kid’s table might be a great idea and help parents relax in the knowledge their own children are safe and enjoying the day also. One tip is also to consider how private and child-safe is your chosen venue.

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