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Wedding Tips #8: Keep on Partying! The “Second Day” celebrations and the important options!

16 November 2016

Weddings these days are a unique and joyous occasion. Long gone are the days of your standard wedding. Couples have so many options available to them now it almost causes a headache trying to plan your day. Sometimes, it’s hard fitting all your plans into one day/night. So what do you do? Keep the celebrations going and organise a second day of fun, of course!
Second day events have become hugely popular over the last few years. It’s a common theme among past brides and grooms that their actual wedding day went by too fast. Another common complaint is a bride or groom couldn’t maximise their enjoyment on the day itself due to stress or anxiety. Some couples feel it is on the “second day” that they are truly able to relax and enjoy the occasion.
But before arranging your “after party”, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure your event fits perfectly into your plans and the occasion.



What type of event are you organising? Will it be formal or casual? Are you expecting many of your guests/friends/family to make an appearance? Where will it be? There are so many factors to consider will your event suit the idea/plan you have. For example, if your wedding day is a Saturday, will your guests be able to afford another late night on Sunday with work in the morning? Our advice is try to arrange a day/event that suits people and makes it easy to attend.

Another factor is the age profile of your guests. Will older guests be ready for another late night of DJ music? Or will your chosen location cater for children or minors? Will children be kept entertained, or should you arrange special entertainment for the little ones?



Planning an occasion for the day after your wedding will be impacted by your budget. Plans for larger scale events like outdoor BBQs or evening meals can hit the wallet hard. And this is before the alcohol costs are factored in. Are you thinking of organising an open bar?

One solution is to chat to your wedding venue and design a package to encapsulate both the wedding and the next day’s frivolities. A venue will be keen to offer discounts on original booking, allowing for a saving in total for the two days.

Another popular choice for couples is organising an evening meal on the second day for friends and family. In this case, chat to your venue wedding coordinator, particularly in the case of a hotel or accommodation venue in the possibility of arranging a package for your guests of a two night stay with the evening meal on the second day.

Remember, organising an event the day-after does not mean spending an arm and a leg! Even if you’re meeting friends and family for informal drinks down at your favourite local, arranging platters of finger food will suit everyone’s needs too!



Location is a key factor in planning your second day celebrations. While choosing an event with your wedding venue the next day may be handy for guests, it will depend on the occasion itself. For example, planning a BBQ event at 5.00pm the next evening will certainly result in guest numbers dwindling. If you expect most of your guests to stay only one night at your venue, an early afternoon BBQ or brunch may be better suited for guests.

If you are keeping it casual with a gathering at your local, make sure to arrange the details beforehand to ensure an area is reserved and food requirements are pre-booked.


Let your guests know!

Whatever you are planning, make sure to let your guests know the full details. Without full knowledge of your day after plans, guests may be unable to attend due to limited planning. One tip would be to put details on your invites. This saves you time and will allow your guests to plan ahead by booking overnight accommodation and organising necessary transport.


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