Alison vs Ulick: EPISODE SEVEN – The Grand Finale!

- Posted on: 19/09/2023 - Thumbnails  x  flute race LUCANSPACMS01

After weeks of trials and tribulations, our attempts to determine the Best Wedding Coordinator of Lucan Spa Hotel has come down to the fifth and final challenge – The Flute Race! It’s a winner-takes it all grand finale!!

Both Alison “The Tiger” Tigue and Ulick “Chicken Legs” Colgan must carry a tray of champagne glasses throughout the hotel to a series of checkpoints. Each checkpoint reached will add another glass to their individual trays where the carefully positioned staff member will reveal the next checkpoint. The first wedding coordinator to get to the checkered flag will be crowned the Best Wedding Coordinator of Lucan Spa Hotel!

This will be a fitting test of endurance, balance, speed and resilience! May the best wedding coordinator win!

This episode of “Alison vs Ulick” was shot in various locations throughout Lucan Spa Hotel by Media Mill. For more details about weddings at Lucan Spa Hotel, please visit our wedding section here.

Alison and Ulick have proudly been nominated for the prestigious "Wedding coordinator of the Year" in the Let's Talk Weddings Awards taking place this Sunday 24th September 2023. We wish both our coordinators the very best of luck!

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