Planning a Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

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Planning a flawless wedding ceremony involves more than just the big day itself. A wedding ceremony rehearsal provides an opportunity to ensure that every step, from the processional to the recessional, unfolds seamlessly. While not considered 100% necessary, many couples feel the opportunity to host a rehearsal will offer calmness and reassurance for all ceremony participants and help prepare everyone for the day itself. To help you make the most of this important pre-wedding event, we've gathered six essential tips for planning a memorable rehearsal. 

Lucan Spa Hotel Wedding Ceremony

Set a Date and Time
Choose a convenient date and time for the wedding ceremony rehearsal. It's typically held a day or two before the actual wedding, but you can certainly plan this for any time that suits you. The most important thing when deciding a date and time is everyone’s availability - ensure that all important participants, such as the wedding party, solemniser (if possible), and immediate family members, are available during this time. It is also key to ensure your chosen wedding venue will allow for a rehearsal and a suitable time for the venue to be available. 

Extra tip: Can’t get everyone together to arrange a wedding rehearsal? No problem! Simply take the time on the morning of your day for all important participants to familiarise themselves with the venue and any specific expectations or instructions. 

Lucan Spa Hotel Wedding Ceremony

Prepare an Itinerary
Create the full itinerary outlining the sequence of events during your ceremony so you can communicate and replicate these during the rehearsal. Include important moments like the processional (walking up the aisle), exchange of vows, ring exchange, and recessional. This will help everyone involved understand the flow of the ceremony and their respective roles.

Plan your timing
While some ceremonies take place in a very quick timeline of 20 minutes, it is important to factor in extra time to cover for all eventualities. For example, take into account guests may arrive late or you may require extra time applying the final touches to your look. Adding in this extra time avoids a feeling of being rushed and allows for a cushion of time to keep you nice and relaxed. 

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Walk Through the Ceremony
Use the rehearsal as an opportunity to walk through the entire ceremony, step by step. This will help everyone become familiar with the logistics, such as walking down the aisle, standing positions, and timing. Practice the order of the processional and recessional to ensure smooth transitions. Familiarisation is so important, particularly for younger participants such as ring bearers or flower girls to avoid any unneeded stress or panic. 

Communicate Expectations
During the rehearsal, communicate any specific expectations or instructions to the wedding party and other participants. Let them know about important cues, where to stand, and any particular actions they need to take. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and ready for the actual ceremony. 

Lucan Spa Hotel Wedding Ceremony

Plan for troubleshooting
While we cannot anticipate every possible situation that can go wrong, we can certainly plan for “troubleshooting”! Devise a checklist for all possible eventualities, such as perhaps needing a glass of water to compose yourself during the ceremony, or an extra few candle tapers for lighting candles. One thing we see here from time-to-time is younger guests or ceremony participants (e.g., page boys/flower girls) get distressed or upset just before the beginning of the ceremony. As discussed, a rehearsal that familiarises the little ones with their roles does a world of good to eliminate the chances of this occurrence, while a little bribe for being good promised after the ceremony also works wonders!! 

Remember, the wedding ceremony rehearsal is an important time to iron out any logistical or coordination issues, allowing the wedding day itself to run smoothly. 

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