The Most Popular Wedding Ceremony Songs of 2021

- Posted on: 19/01/2022 - Wedding ceremony lucan spa hotel LUCANSPACMS01

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Music plays such a huge role during any wedding – it provides a perfect backdrop as memories get made! Indeed, 2021 was a year where this was brought to the forefront of people’s thoughts. The various restrictions and guidelines due to Covid-19 at various points of the year brough limitations on music and in many cases, brought added emphasis and meaning to the pieces of music that WERE allowed to be played during the day. 

In most cases, this included wedding ceremony music. Not surprisingly, this resulted in such a wide range of songs chosen by our couples for their wedding ceremony in 2021. Since we have been compiling these lists each year, 2021 has seen the biggest list of songs chosen by our couples, further proof that couples were choosing ceremony music based on their own personal tastes rather than following tradition or popular classics. 

Whether it was a live instrumental, a favourite song on a speaker, or a live musician, here we list the most popular wedding ceremony songs for 2021.


1. “This I Promise You” - Donna Taggart.
Donna Taggart’s performance of “This I Promise You” features for the first time since we’ve been compiling these lists and was the most popular processional (entrance) song our couples chose for their wedding ceremonies in 2021. From Co. Tyrone, Donna performs the song originally written by none other than Ronan Keating. 

2. “A Thousand Years” - Christina Perri.
Christina Perri once again takes up her annual spot again with her classic “A Thousand Years” as the second most popular processional song. Also hugely popular for a middle song, the song was originally written for the Twilight film “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”.

Middle Song (Candle Lighting or Registry signing)

1. “How Long Will I Love You” - Ellie Goulding.
Ellie Goulding’s interpretation of the classic 1990 hit from The Waterboys returns to this list for 2021 having narrowly missed out in 2020. The song is ideal for performing during candle lighting or registry signing due to its soft vocals and easy-going love tones.

2. “Magic” - Coldplay.
Coldplay’s “Magic” was the second most popular wedding ceremony “middle” song of 2021 among our brides and grooms for 2021. A refreshingly simple, heartwarming love song, its popularity is of no surprise. Also, at nearly 5 minutes long, it’s an ideal song choice to ensure it gets played throughout a stage of the wedding ceremony when a lot of photos are taken.

Recessional (Exit)

1. “Better Together” – Jack Johnson.
Remain calm, this is not a drill! Ever-present “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder has been knocked off his perch by American singer-songwriter Jack Johnson!! Released in 2006, Johnson wrote the song about his wife and it has the feel-good factor to make it ideal for a recessional (exit) song. 

2. “Over the Rainbow” - Israel Kamakawiwoole.
Another surprise for the second most popular recessional is Israel Kamakawiwoole “Over the Rainbow”. Similar to “Better Together”, the song has a huge feel-good factor and can be played with vocals or acoustic only options. 

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