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Wedding Tip #17: 6 Halloween Wedding Ideas that will Slay

24 October 2017

Planning a Halloween wedding can be a tricky task. The ease of overdoing your efforts to result in a tacky children’s themed affair continuously lingers during your planning, and therefore can hold you back on creating the perfect effect and theme. Here, we list a number of ideas that will give your wedding guests a treat they won't soon forget.

1. Start as you mean to go on

As with all wedding themes, we recommend to run with your theme right from the start. This means introducing your theme before the day has even begun. The best way for this is to choose wedding invitations in a style matching your theme. Whether it’s through a gothic styled designed invite or something more sinister, nothing starts your Halloween theme off better than a creepy wedding invite.

Halloween Wedding Invite

Halloween Wedding Invite 2

halloween wedding creepy key invitation

halloween wedding spooky invite

2. Choose flowers in deep, dark colours

Colour is an important ingredient for getting a chosen theme right. For your Halloween theme, it is important to stay away from the more traditional blush and white for your bouquets and wedding venue centrepieces, instead choosing deep, dark colours with a hint of Halloween orange.

halloween wedding flowers 1

halloween wedding flowers 2

3. Use lots of candles or lanterns

Speaking of centrepieces, use of tall candled centrepieces will create a wonderfully ominous feel. Think big, beautiful ones dripping to create the antique, gothic affect. Use of lanterns or tasteful props such as pumpkins or antique vases/bottles can also help achieve the desired effect. Chat to your wedding venue coordinator or wedding hotel personnel and ask for assistance and ideas on centrepieces and carefully placed props. 

halloween wedding centrepiece

halloween wedding lantern centrepiece

halloween wedding pumpkin centrepiece

4. Make it a masquerade party

Providing masks for your guests so guests don't feel left out can help bring out the theme even further and provide a little bit of fun among the way. Better still, why not choose/encourage a dark colour palette dress code or host your wedding as a masquerade party.

halloween wedding masks

halloween wedding masks 2

5. Create spooky signature cocktails

Continue the theme right down to the catering and menu options. Avoid the witches fingers and candy apples and instead, greet your guests on arrival with a spooky cocktail or themed appetisers/desserts.

halloween wedding cocktail

halloween wedding black widow cocktail

halloween wedding canapes

halloween wedding trufles desserts

6. Choose a cake to complete your theme

Finally, a key factor for delivering the perfect wedding theme is your wedding cake. Be as creative as possible, paying particular attention to style, design and, of course, your chosen cake topper!

halloween wedding cake 1

halloween wedding cake 2

halloween wedding cake 4

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