Intimate Weddings: Tips to perfect your small wedding

- Posted on: 03/07/2024 - Intimate weddings Lucan Spa Hotel

A few weeks ago, we were reading an article in the Irish Independent with the title “the big Irish wedding is back with a bang”. The article discussed the “forced upon” small weddings due to Covid-19 restrictions and now that these limitations are long unshackled, the Irish wedding guest numbers are roaring back to spectacular events of 300+ people. The piece finished off with a few quotes from stakeholders within the industry that would leave any couple planning their own nuptials driven up the walls in self-doubt and despair.

In reality, such pieces can cause more harm than good as couples get sucked into the whole “that’s the done thing” and forget about their own aspirations and plans for their own day. The truth of the matter is the trend towards intimate weddings is on the rise, particularly in Dublin, and for good reason. Smaller weddings offer a unique charm and a sense of closeness that larger settings often lack. If you’re considering a more intimate celebration for your special day, we’ve listed a few helpful tips and ideas on how you can make the most of a smaller setting for your wedding.

Intimate Weddings Lucan Spa Hotel

The Guest List
One of the most important aspects of a small wedding is keeping the guest list limited to your closest family and friends. Aim to invite only those who mean the most to you and who will contribute to the intimate atmosphere of the day. An intimate wedding is the perfect excuse to avoid the scenario of inviting those cousins and relations you see once in a blue moon or the pressure to invite all your work colleagues.

The Venue
When we think small, intimate weddings, our mind often moves towards cosy restaurants, private venues or even intimate affairs in your own home. However, rather than focusing on space and size, a key ingredient to finding the ideal venue for your intimate wedding is the venue’s ability to offer flexibility. Can it be divided for different parts of the day? Or does it offer space for personalisation or opportunities to put your own stamp on the day? Here at Lucan Spa Hotel, while we have the ability to host weddings of over 200 guests, we host a multitude of weddings for 50-60 guests also as our venue offers great flow and flexibility irrelevant of your guest numbers.

Intimate Weddings Lucan Spa Hotel

Adding personal touches throughout your venue can make any space feel more intimate and reflective of your unique love story. Often the intimate weddings we host here will be supplemented with DIY decorations from the couple to add to the personalisation of the day. Display photos of your journey together, include meaningful quotes, or create a memory wall where guests can write messages and well-wishes. Enhancing the space with your favourite colours, themes, and décor elements can make the venue feel more like an extension of your home.

The Table Plan
With fewer guests, you have greater options and flexibility in your seating arrangements. It means you can have the options of less guests per table, allowing for a more relaxed and casual vibe. Consider options like a single long table for a family-style dinner, which encourages conversation and a sense of community.

The Food
For larger weddings, the pressure is to “keep it safe” with food choices as you try and facilitate everyone’s tastes (beef or salmon anyone?). But in an intimate setting, you are unshackled from such limitations and quality can take precedence over quantity. Invest in high-quality food, beverages, and evening options. A gourmet meal, fine wines, and a quality evening food buffet will have your guests talking about your day for months to come!

Intimate Weddings Lucan Spa Hotel

The Entertainment
Choosing an intimate wedding does not mean you need to downplay your choices for the day’s entertainment. In fact, we’ll be encouraging you to do the opposite!! The rise in popularity in “alternative entertainment” has been quite significant and follows on from the “quality, not quantity” theme mentioned above. Wedding entertainers such as hypnotists and magicians thrive with smaller guest numbers, while we’ve seen intimate weddings entertained by alternative options such as a dedicated mixologist brought in for a drink’s reception.

Guest Participation
Smaller guest numbers mean a greater percentage of friends and family will have the opportunity to involve themselves in the day. Even the smallest of tasks can enrich a guest’s experience. Whether it’s during your ceremony (ushers, ring bearers, readers etc) speeches or even part of the late-night entertainment, a little role enriches the day for all participating guests.

Intimate Weddings Lucan Spa Hotel

While not for everyone, intimate weddings provide the perfect opportunity to curate a day that reflects your unique style and story, with a guest list of those who matter most. From personalised decor to gourmet dining and engaging entertainment, every aspect of your day can be tailored to create a cosy, heartfelt experience. Remember, the most important thing is that your wedding feels like a true reflection of your relationship. Embrace the intimacy, and let your small wedding make a big impact.

Lucan Spa Hotel offers an intimate wedding package specially designed for weddings of up to 40 guests. For more details and to arrange your own private viewing, you can contact our wedding team by filling out the online form here.

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