Tips for Choosing the Perfect Signature Cocktails for Your Wedding

- Posted on: 15/05/2024 - Wedding cocktails Lucan Spa Hotel

With the summer wedding season in full operation, many couples over the next few months will be finalising the last few decisions for their wedding day or adding little extras to the itinerary. One popular addition to any summer day is choosing to serve a signature cocktail (or two!) for guests to enjoy. Signature cocktails allow couples to showcase their personalities and create a welcome surprise for your attending guests. If you're considering incorporating signature cocktails into your wedding reception, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect libations for your special day:

1. Consider Your Wedding Theme and Style
Firstly, consider the ambiance and style of wedding venue you have chosen for your day, and follow a choice of cocktail that suits this theme. For example, if you are getting hitched abroad on a gorgeous beach, a Coconut Mojito would be a perfect companion, while if you are getting married in a grand ballroom, something like a champagne-based drink would be suitably fitting. Choose cocktails that reflect the vibe and personality of your wedding to create a cohesive and memorable experience for you and your guests.

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2. Cater to Your Guests' Preferences
While the goal of signature cocktails is to reflect the personality and choice of you and your future spouse, it is important to remember you will be serving you’re your choices to all your guests on the day. As a result, it is important to consider their tastes and preferences to make sure whatever is served is a smash hit with everyone. Always consider any possible dietary requirements among your friends and family and try to include non-alcoholic or low-alcohol options for guests who would prefer this. 

3. Don't Forget About Mocktails
Following on from point two above, does your choice of cocktail allow for a similar non-alcoholic mocktail to be served? This will tick the box not only for your guests who prefer not to consume alcohol or are designated drivers, but also for all the children in attendance on the day (it’s important not to leave children out of the fun!)

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4. Consider the Season
Take consideration of the time of the year you are getting married in – for example, Margaritas, Pina Coladas and other fruit cocktails are perfect for a summer wedding, while others such as White Russians, Hot Toddy’s or Hot Buttered Rums are ideal beside a cosy fireplace in the winter. Also consider ingredients during your chosen month. Whether it's ripe berries in the summer, crisp apples in autumn, seasonal ingredients can enhance the taste and presentation of your cocktails while adding a touch of seasonal flair to your wedding celebration. 

5. Consider the Time of serving
Similar to the above, deciding on when to serve cocktails and drinks to your guests can also be a factor to the type of cocktail you choose. Consider offering lighter, fruitier cocktails during the daytime and more robust, spirit-forward cocktails in the evening to match the mood and atmosphere of your wedding reception.

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6. Get Creative with Presentation – if it allows for!
The presentation of your signature cocktails can be just as important as the taste. Consider incorporating creative garnishes, unique glassware, and personalized touches to elevate the presentation of your cocktails and create Instagram-worthy moments for your guests. While creative presentation options are endless, one important factor to be wary of is when and how your cocktails are served. Are you batch serving all cocktails at once on arrival to your wedding venue? Or will guests simply be able to order a freshly made and presented cocktail at the bar throughout the day and evening? Thinking this through will help you finalise the exact decision on what type of cocktail(s) to serve for your wedding. 

7. Offer a His and Hers Option
Add a personal touch to your signature cocktails by offering a "his and hers" option that reflects each partner's individual tastes and preferences. Whether it's a classic whiskey sour for the groom and a fruity cosmopolitan for the bride or a spicy margarita for him and a refreshing mojito for her, offering his and hers cocktails allows you to celebrate your unique personalities and preferences while adding a fun and playful element to your wedding reception.

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Choosing the perfect signature cocktails for your wedding is an exciting opportunity to showcase your personality, style, and creativity. By considering your wedding theme and style, catering to your guests' preferences, incorporating seasonal ingredients, getting creative with presentation, offering his and hers options, including mocktails, and considering the season and time of day, you can create a memorable cocktail experience that delights and impresses your guests. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after!

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