The Most Popular Wedding Ceremony Songs of 2022

- Posted on: 01/03/2023 - Wedding ceremony lucan spa hotel LUCANSPACMS01

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We’re a bit late with completing this list (sorry, not sorry!)

Following on from 2021s choices (at which you can read about in full here), 2022 witnessed such an amazing array of different music for wedding ceremonies. In fact, not one of the songs below was chosen more than five times in the weddings we hosted at Lucan Spa Hotel over the last 12 months. However, there was two similar themes we noticed throughout the year. Firstly, the majority of our couples chose to have a live signer or musician perform their ceremony music (rather than have the original soundtrack played over a speaker system). Secondly, there was a huge percentage of acoustic or instrumental versions of songs chosen. 


1. “A Thousand Years” - Christina Perri.
Christina Perri’s classic is back on top as the most popular processional song for 2022 having spent last year as number 2! Hugely popular year-on-year, the song features in the top 100 most-viewed YouTube videos of all time. 

2. “Better” – Tom Baxter.
Tom Baxter’s popularity has exploded in recent years thanks to many of his songs going viral on Tik Toc and Instagram Reels. Released way back in 2007, it’s a quiet, tender love song that features soft vocals perfect for the processional entrance music. Coincidentally, his song “Better Half of Me” was also quite popular as a middle wedding ceremony song, but just missed out to the following two songs…

Middle Song (Candle Lighting or Registry signing)

1. “You're Still The One” - Shania Twain.
2022 was the 25th anniversary of Shania Twain’s massive hit and perhaps a coincidence it was the most popular song chosen during the lighting of the candle ceremony, in-between readings or simply during the registry signing. Like many classic wedding songs, “You’re Still the One” utilizes simple and straightforward lyrics to tap into varying emotions. Most couple’s chose the acoustic version of the song for their day.

2. “Little Things” – One Direction. 
You know you’re getting old when One Direction fans are getting married! Co-written by Ed Sheeran, the song was a directional change for the usual pure-pop band and can be more described as a folk ballad over guitar and piano lines. 

Recessional (Exit)

1. “Happy” - Pharrell Williams.
The recessional song demands a up-tempo, lively song to kick start the celebrations as each couple finally has tied the knot! Not surprisingly, Happy by Pharrell Williams was the most popular recessional song. As the name suggests, Happy is an uptempo, happy-go-lucky song featuring the distinctive vocals of Pharrell and is the eight best-selling single in the UK of all time.

2. “A Sky Full of Stars” – Coldplay.
It was a popular year for Coldplay songs overall, with a number of their songs chosen by our couples throughout different stages of their wedding ceremony, but their hit A Sky Full of Stars features as the second most popular recessional song. Instantly recognizable from the start, the song features dance and EDM influences having been co-written and co-produced by Avicii.

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